Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BC'in ya Later


I am not sure what to say at this point. Maryland led by 16 and found a way to lose to BC tonight. So the Terps are now 2-4 in the ACC and have blown at least three games that they've led by 16 or more at one point.

All around rough day in College Park, where Jin Soo Kim was also ruled academically ineligible.

We still have 10 ACC games and the ACC tournament left.

I guess I'll keep watching, you?


maxthegirl said...

Oh Greg. . .questions, I have questions.
Why is this team a bunch of chokers? What happened to their defensive intensity in the second half?
Why do they play not to lose?
Why does Greivas think he can singlehandedly take games over?
And where on earth did Eric Hayes disappear to?

Greg Abel said...

I have no idea why they can't close games. I mean, the Terps are 13-7, 2-4 and could very easily be 17-3 and in the top 25 if they won games they woulda, coulda, shoulda won against Morgan (Morgan!), Miami, Florida State, and BC.

The fact that they did not win any of those games points to a team with man flaws, but the fact that they COULD have won those games means that reports of their lack of talent are exaggerated. They have no big men, but their guards are legit. Greivis, Adrian Bowie, and Milbourne (he's playing WAY out of position) are legit. Hayes is OK. Mosley is solid, not sure what happened to Cliff Tucker, but whatever. Real problem is that there is not one decent presence in the front court among Dave Neal (love him, but he's too short and slow), Dino Gregory (tries hard, undersized), Braxton Dupree (don't get me started), Steve Goins (never plays) and Jerome Burney (injured, questionable ACC talent). So that's like half Maryland's roster that isn't good enough to make an impact in the ACC, and that is too many guys, unless you have one superstar. For example, if Gus Gilchrist hadn't left for South Florida, where he's averaging 11 and 5, Maryland might be 17-3 or 16-4. But they aren't. And the AD's office is fighting with Gary. And Gary is furious. And his players must feel embarrassed. And the fans are complaining or just not bothering to care. Oh things are not good in College Park Max the Girl, they are not good.