Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thinnest Skin EVER

If I were still hosting the pre pre-game show for University of Maryland basketball, I would have made it a mission this week to find a kid who sits in the student section who actually heard what was said to Greivis to set him off against Georgia Tech. Better yet, I'd try to find the guy himself and put him on the air, try to understand the student side of the story, could make or great radio. Perhaps that's why they did not have me back.

As you may recall, GV told his own student section to, ahem, Shut the F Up, while dribbling down the court during the last few minutes of a tight ACC game. Down the stretch, while making some game clinching free throws, he stared into the stands in the general direction of someone who must have said something to him to make him lose his mind. He put his finger to his lips in the SHHH motion and after the game, he said this of the Maryland fans:

"If they don't believe in us, they can get the hell out. We don't need them anyway."
Here are some reports from the Sun and Post about the incident.

I will now try to guess what was said to mister rabbit ears thin skin:

Maybe run some offense this time.
Stop shooting.
Consider passing.
You're killing us.
Donde esta el bano?

Like Sgt. Hulka told Psycho in Stripes, "Lighten up, Francis." Or Greivis as the case might be.

What a diva.

C'mon GV, you want to play in the pros, start acting like a big time player. Ignore criticism and shut people up with your play, not your mouth and your antics.

To quote Shakespeare for the first and probably last time ever on this particular blog, "me thinks thou dost protest too much." Which is another way of saying, "the truth hurts."

In other news, obviously beating Georgia Tech in a game when they had 30 (30!) turnovers is a lot better than losing to Georgia Tech when they have 30 turnovers, but Maryland made it close. That was about the ugliest win I've seen in a long time, perhaps prompting the student fans to question Greivis' competence.

We all know that he's the best player Maryland has. The Terps go with Greivis, so there you go. When he plays poorly, any team, including Morgan State, can beat Maryland. When he plays well, he inspires his teammates and they can beat just about anyone.

Unfortunately, Greivis is a little hard to like. The guy paused and preened after making a three against Morgan State while the Terps were losing in the second half. I will repeat that. With Maryland losing to Morgan State, Greivis finally made a three after clanging most of his shots, and had the chutzpah to pause and stare into the crowd like, "who's the man?"

Even JJ Redick wasn't this annoying. Problem is, he is a great player. He's made his last 37 free throws, which is awesome. He is capable of throwing the team on his back and taking them back to the NCAA tournament. But if he can't take a little criticism without having a hissy fit and making himself the center of attention, he needs to take a long look in the mirror, not the stands.

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UMTERPS89 said...

did you seriously say GV is more annoying than jj redick? And are you really defending a fan despite having absolutely no idea what was said? GV overreacted to be sure but at least try and find out what really happened before you jump in...isn't that part of being a journalist? what is up with all the bashing from you this year? You barely cover the wins and repeatedly dedicate this coloum almost entirely to bashing the team/playres/coaches?? What changed that made you mr negative