Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tough Loss, It Happens

Maryland played great last night for about 30 minutes. Adrian Bowie was fantastic, finishing at the cup better than any player since Drew Nicholas, playing with supreme confidence and showing Maryland that he is an offensive force for sure.

Greivis was also fantastic, I thought he played within himself and under control the whole night, making good decisions with the ball and not forcing his offense, other than when he had to, such as at the end of the night.

Miami pulled that one out for two reasons in my book, one is to their credit and one is something Gary Williams needs to think about:
1.) Miami got red hot from 3. Jack McClinton is a big-time player and he and his teammates made big-time shots. The threes were falling for them and they pulled off the comeback. It happens.
2.) At around the 10 minute mark, Gary had the Terps take their foot off the gas and slow down the offense. They started running clock instead of running to the hoop and their offense stalled and got tight. Everything Maryland did well to build the 15 or 17-point lead stopped happening.

Hopefully the fellas and Gary will learn from this one and get better. They gotta put teams away when they have them on the ropes. Maryland led both Morgan and Miami by double figures in the second half and didn't win the games. Like I said, it happens, but it can't keep happening if the Terps are going to have a successful season.

A win at Florida State Saturday will make this loss easier to live with. A 2-1 start in the ACC would be great, and then they host Virginia next week, so could get to 3-1.

There are plenty of things to feel good about from last night's game at Miami, just not the final score.


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