Friday, January 09, 2009

Notes and Random Observations

Over the next 8 days, Maryland plays home against Georgia Tech, then on the road at Miami and at Florida State.

There was a time, not all that long ago, when you would have thought: win, win, win, 2 out of 3 at worst. Remember that feeling? That is not the feeling I have now. I'm thinking they get a win in one out of those three games.

When Maryland lost to Morgan, which is a somewhat shocking result, there really wasn't any national press coverage. Whereas when BC lost to Harvard, it was at the top of sportscenter. So ... you decide what that means.

Sports at its best - The Ravens in 2008-09 have been so much fun. Low expectations to start the year, the rookie QB, the rookie coach, the second half push to the playoffs, the wins in "must-win" games. Rarely does a team ever get your hopes up unexpectedly, then deliver. The Ravens have done that and then some. And here we go again, playing a game they are not supposed to win. I'm saying Ravens 20, Titans 3.

If Obama fails to bring us out of the recession, out of Iraq, and out of the general "this sucks" atmosphere, BUT, he is successful in forcing college football to adopt a playoff system, he will have served his country well, poorly, but that would be cool.

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