Monday, April 05, 2010


I take it all back. Watching Duke celebrate is the worst. I am not only not OK with Duke's win, I am in pain. I hate Duke, now more than ever. And we've got like 11 more years of Plumlee brothers.
Thoughts from the national championship game:
Great game.
Hate the rotating, hovering, whatever that is camera.
Clark Kellogg is annoying.
We had to listen to Billy Packer for 30 years, how long are they going to let Kellogg blabber?
Both teams got some calls, I thought the officiating was pretty good, only blatant (and huge) miss was when Hayward drove and made a hoop and Scheyer clearly jumped in his path and got the charge call. Should have been a block. That was a 3-point swing.
Butler belonged, played great, coulda won that damn thing.


Anonymous said...

Well said. Butler played the best defense of any team that I have ever seen. It was the first time I enjoyed watching defense. They made Duke work on ever possession and Duke grinded it out. Tip of the cap to both teams. Coach K is, however, a rat-faced bastard.

maxthegirl said...

That's more like it.

My friend pointed out that the Steelers, the Yankees, and now Duke won all the major championships this year. If that's not a sign of the apocalypse, I don't know what is.

Bellview said...

I won't lie, bro--not only am I 100% okay with Duke winning one of the last 65-team tourneys, I was quietly rooting for them to win down the stretch. College basketball was terrible this year, and as one of the six Americans who watched college hoops every day this season (because his own team, UVA, blows HARD), men's college hoops saved its bacon by having a legitimately good team win it all. The lack of NBA talent in this tournament speaks volumes about where the sport is headed; the fact that the three best teams in the country weren't even good enough to win an Elite Eight game says even more. I'm glad the final game was close (no, Clark Kellogg, this wasn't a "game for the ages"...teams that don't score field goals for 8+ minutes in BACK-TO-BACK FINAL FOUR GAMES don't make me forget about what good hoops play looks like), but mark my words...2010 was not a good season and this tourney was one of the worst, despite some of the close endings of individual games.

Greg Abel said...

Justin - I can't really argue. There just isn't a lot of top talent that stays in the college game for very long. That said, I did find the final game riveting, if not played at an extremely high level. I know I'm a homer, but the Michigan State - Maryland game was an AMAZING game and played perhaps at a higher level. Down the stretch, both teams MADE shots one after the other, with MSU making the last one to win the game at the buzzer. Duke-Butler was about MISSED shots at the end. I still love the atmosphere and excitement of college hoops but totally agree that quality of players has declined. But, if you like hoops, it's what we have to watch, you know? I still like it better than most NBA games.