Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Opening Day

During the baseball season we're going to blog from time to time on the O's. After all, the Terrapin Nation includes the home town team. Mostly we're just going to rant on how much we hate Dave Trembly. Well, not really hate - its just that he always seems to make the wrong decisions. Anyway, for today:

1. Why does Adkins "run on contact" as Gary Thorne or Palmer like to say. Is this in the "book." The guy (Adkins) looks slower than Aubrey Huff (anyone think that Aubrey Huff would be an upgrade over Adkins. Huff is making $3mm in San Fran, Adkins $4mm). Anyway, isn't it a different inning if its second and third w/ one out instead of first and second. Where is Roberts going to hit it in the infield that actually results in Adkins scoring because he "runs on contact."

2. Why is Adkins running at all. He plays first base for Gods sake. Can't anyone play first base for one inning. How about Julio Lugo. He would have gotten into the game and that would have put off his complaining about playing time for at least a day. Most managers would realize that the run at third is way more important than having a moderate risk at first base for three outs when your "closer" hasn't gotten anyone out all spring.

Question for the next game - How many regulars is Trembley going to bench so that he can "get everyone in the game." If Lugo plays for Roberts ...

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