Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Great Win ... For Morgan State

Just when you thought it might be safe to invest emotionally in the Maryland basketball program ... just when we thought the Terps could escape an embarrassing loss at home in the pre-ACC season ... just when things were coming together in a positive way ... pfffttt. The Terps throw up all over themselves, perhaps justifying the absence of thousands of fans who skipped this one to watch Duke-Davidson.

Great win for Morgan. Don't let anyone tell you Maryland was "looking ahead" to the ACC season. You can look ahead when you are a good team. If you watched the game, Morgan had a better frontcourt than Maryland, at least in terms of size and rebounding. I love Dave Neal, but when he is your most consistent force on the blocks, you've got problems. Maryland's got problems. Oh well, here we go again.

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