Saturday, January 24, 2009

That Was Particularly Bad

It was 40-15 at the half, ballooned to 60-20 and ended at 85-44, the most lopsided and pants down embarrassing loss I can ever remember in years, perhaps ever.

The Post's Terrapin Insider reported that it was Gary's worst loss in 31 years as a head coach, the 4th worst loss in Maryland history, and the Terps' lowest point total in 20 years with Gary as head coach.

[Side note: I'm typing this while watching the Wiz-Portland game and Washington has 31 points at the half, so they are on pace to score only slightly more than Maryland did today. Not a wonderful day of offensive basketball for the region.]

As Maryland fans, where do we go from here? Do we chalk this one up to just a horrible afternoon and just let it go?

Or do you think about throwing up your hands and saying, "these guys aren't worth my time." 

I don't think most Maryland fans with any sense of loyalty will dump the team, but this is the kind of game that makes you think about it. It's not just that Maryland got beat, it's that they got pummeled on the home court of their rival on ESPN in a game that not only wasn't close, it wasn't remotely close. 

It leaves one at a loss for words, so I won't waste many here. I am just bummed about it, bummed that I care about Maryland hoops and they are bad enough to get beat that bad. 

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