Monday, February 02, 2009

Signs of Life

Good win over Miami.
Had to have it to get the season back on track.
My personal feeling is that reports of Maryland being "untalented" are exaggerated. They have excellent guards and wings.  
I love watching Adrian Bowie operate. Can you remember a guy his size getting more points at the rim? He's 6-2 and gets almost everything by out-quicking his man to the hoop and finishing when he gets there. Just a baller.
Seems to me that Greivis has toned down the histrionics quite a bit since the ridiculous display at home against Georgia Tech. At the same time, he had been in a big slump the last 5 game or so prior to the Miami game, coinciding with Maryland losing 4 of 5.  Hmmm.
Gary went on the air for his coach's show last Thursday and you would have thought nothing was going on with the program out of ordinary. It was an hour of talking about this player or that, getting ready for Miami, etc. Now I don't expect Johnny to grill Gary on the air, but he could have at least acknowledged the absolute shit-storm going on around Maryland basketball the last two weeks with a question like, "Coach, we know there's been a lot of off the court distraction recently, what would you like to say to Maryland fans who are concerned about the state of the program?" But no, we did not get any of that. 
Big game at UNC tomorrow if only for the opportunity to play against another great time and see if Maryland can hang. 
Here's the schedule the rest of the way. Maryland is now 14-7 and 3-4.  8-8 is the minimum required to get in the tourney (pending ACC tourney play, where Maryland makes a run every odd decade); so that means Terps would need to go 5-4. I have no idea what will happen, and neither does anyone else. But just looking at games where, right now, Maryland would simply be favored in the remaining nine, they would probably be @G. Tech (maybe, that one might bea toss-up), Va Tech (maybe, Tech is good, but they have lost a half dozen really close games this year), at NC State, and at UVa. My guess is that they'll be heavy underdogs at UNC, at Clemson, home vs. UNC, home vs. Duke and home vs. Wake.  

Feb. 3 at UNC
Feb. 8 at Ga. Tech
Feb. 14 Va. Tech
Feb. 17 at Clemson
Feb. 21 UNC
Feb. 25 Duke
3/1 at NC State
3/3 Wake
3/7 at UVa

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