Thursday, February 26, 2009

Duke - Md thoughts

I went to the game last night and here are some random observations.
This Maryland team is a lot like Greivis Vasquez the person. They can be fun to watch, exciting, exhilirating even. Then they can be frustrating, maddening and, well, not great.
Terps played great ball for 34.5 minutes, wasn't enough. Duke isn't great, but they are very good and much better (at least last night) at finishing a game.
Saw Johnny Rhodes leaving the arena.
Saw Walt Williams also, housing some fries and looking slick as ever.
Very surprised that coach K has relegated Greg Paulus to a back up role after three years as his starting PG. I don't think I've ever seen K do that to a senior before. He must really want to win and think his younger guys are better.
A lot of people are going to bitch about the refs last night. I think it's justified, they sucked. At the same time, complaining about the refs after you lose is just so whiney, so I'm not going to go there.
Maryland has 3 left - at NC State, home against Wake and at UVa. I predict 2-1 during those three and 8-8 for the ACC season; which would leave the Terps on the bubble, likely needing an ACC tourney win or two.
It's been a very interesting season. Gary has tinkered with the rotation throughout, trying to find the right mix. The last couple weeks, aside from the Clemson game, feels like this bunch has pulled together and found their roles.
Too little too late perhaps, but I do enjoy watching them play.

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