Sunday, September 07, 2008

Your Football Team Might Stink If...

I'm not saying that the Maryland football team stinks and isn't worth your attention this season just because they lost at Middle Tennessee State; but I am saying that losing by 10 at Middle Tennessee State is a reliable indicator that the Maryland football team might stink and might not be worth your attention.

Under Armour: Good or Bad for Maryland Football Karma?
Ralph Friedgen came back to College Park in 2001 to run the Maryland football program. He brought a Midas touch his first three years:
2001: 10-2 (Orange Bowl)
2002: 11-3 (Peach Bowl)
2003: 10-3 (Gator Bowl)

Prior to the 2004 season, Fridge signed an apparel deal with Under Armour. Away went the swoosh, in came the interlocking "we bad" UA thing. Here's the record since:

2004: 5-6
2005: 5-6
2006: 9-4 (Champs Sports Bowl)
2007: 6-7 (Emerald Bowl
2008: 1-1 (the we just lost to Middle Tennessee State and probably aren't going to a bowl)

Fridge's record at Maryland before the Under Armour deal: 31-8 (.795 winning percentage)
Fridge's record at Maryland since the Under Armour deal: 26-24 (.520 winning percentage)

No wonder Fridge wasn't smiling at the press conference.


Unknown said...

Greg -

To me this is a classic case of getting three good years from someone else's recruits. The only conclusion I have come to with Fridge is that he is a great coach but he can't convince the best players to come to maryland.

Greg Abel said...

That's the knock on Fridge, he can coach em, can't recruit em.

Unknown said...

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