Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Juan Dixon Needs a Squad

The all-time leading scorer in Maryland basketball history, the man who led the Terps to their greatest glory and has proven himself to be a reliable, if underestimated, scorer in the NBA ... is a man without a team right now.

Chris Wilcox has a long-term deal with the Sonics; Stevie Blake is a favorite son in Portland, it's Dixon that has had a harder time establishing a relied upon role with an NBA team. There were some great games in D.C., and a nice run as a the starting 2 in Portland for a while, but after bouncing from Toronto to Detroit last season, Dixon has not exactly been a hot free agent. There's been some talk of a return to the Wizards, but the only offer is a non-guaranteed contract at the veteran minimum, according to a report in the Post.

Dixon just needs the right opportunity. He has always put up points when given an opportunity, but his opportunities are growing more elusive.

Here's hoping there's a GM with the roster spot and vision to put Juan in a position to succeed pulls the trigger. Soon.

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