Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lunardi says Terps Still In

I can't believe it, and it truly doesn't mean anything, but still has Maryland in the tournament field with a 11 seed according to the latest bracketology:

In my mind, however, the NCAA tournament starts tonight. For the Terps to be a lock for the tourney, they need to win their last 3 to go 10-6 in the ACC. Anything less, and then you have to start thinking about how deep they need to go in the ACC tournament. And, news flash, Maryland almost never plays well in the ACC tournament.

Wake is a very good home team, 14-1 this year, and they are on the bubble too. So, tonight is obviously big, here's hoping the Terps play well, not much more you can say.

There is, however, A LOT going on in Turkey right now. Here's the latest on Drew Nicholas and a group of his American teammates who did not feel safe traveling to Serbia this week:

Go Turtles.

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Anonymous said...

This site aggregates about 50 bracket predictions - found it helpful -

Terps average an 11th seed and do not make it to the dance on many brackets.