Sunday, February 03, 2008

MD 88 Ga. Tech 86


Should NOT have been that close.

Kudos to the Terps for getting it done on the road against a Ga. Tech team that had won 3 straight in the ACC. The Yellow Jackets NEEDED that game as much as, or perhaps even more than the Terps.

Another big game for Boom Osby. Can't believe he was the guy to hit clutch free throws down the stretch and our two points guards, Hayes and Vasquez both missed ... at the free throw line... in the last minute... with the game on the line. That's cause for concern.

But overall, Terps now 14-8, 4-3 and on their way. I think they'll go at least 10-6 in the ACC. The next "biggest game of the season" is Wed. night at BC at 7 p.m. Win there, and then you've got NC State at home before a trip to Duke. So, best case scenario, you are 16-8, 6-3 going to Duke, that would be nice.


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