Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tejada, Teshmada, O's Win Baby

ANOTHER come from behind, one-run win for the Orioles last night. Baltimore is 17-10 in one-run games compared to 13-31 last year.

I will repeat that:
Baltimore is 17-10 in one-run games compared to 13-31 last year.

Orioles are 36-34 after 70 games. They have never been more than 2 games below .500 this year. They have five different guys with 10 or more home runs before the all star break: Mora, Markakis, Huff, Millar, and Scott.

Adam Jones is starting to hit more, average creeping up to .260.

I said it before, I'll say it again, if you like baseball, the Orioles are really fun team to follow this year. Would be nice to get the sweep from Houston before hitting the road for 9 in Milwaukee, Chicago (Cubs) and D.C.

I am not sure where all of this is going, but I like it. Before I ever loved college basketball or followed the NFL, baseball was my passion as a kid, and following the Orioles when they are playing well is a pleasure. It's the day in, day out nature of baseball, watching the team grind out at bats and wins that has been incredibly gratifying to watch.


thesindlers said...

does anybody ever comment here? the birds are a great story -- they are a SI feature waiting to happen, with the focus on trembley and the mix of has beens and up-and-comers -- of course, that's when the jinx crushes em, but they are fun to watch and seem to have a spirit about them. I watch them from the game reports, news and notes, and the refresh button on the gameday view on my phone. Trembley is the heart--I had to look up his number and found -- trembely is 47, like Cal Sr. that's worth something to getting to the oriole way (not that cal. sr. was a good manager, but trembley is perfect) -- if you don't see good things in this team and envision a bright future, stop watching baseball.

Anonymous said...
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