Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Gilchrist Opts Out

Maryland and Va. Tech now have something in common -- Gus Gilchrist told both schools he'd play there and it turns out he won't play for either. After initially committing to VT, Gilchrist, who is thought to be a very skilled big man, difference-maker kind of a player, had second thoughts and got out of his commitment and enrolled at Maryland.

NCAA rules said he had to wait 'til the end of the fall semester to play for Gary's Terps. Maryland was appealing this ruling but apparently it didn't happen and today UM issued the release pasted below. We are to believe that Gilchrist is leaving Md. so he can try to play immediately somewhere else (i.e. not sit out in the fall). Dude would have missed what? One ACC game? All the real action in college hoops starts in the new year anyway.

This is either a very impatient, fickle young man, or things just ain't going well in CP. Perhaps a combo of both.

Will be interesting to see what's reported coming out of all this.


COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The University of Maryland athletic department announced today
that Augustus Gilchrist (Temple Hills, Md./Progressive Christian) has been granted a transfer release from the men’s basketball program.

Gilchrist enrolled at Maryland in January 2008. The ACC sit-out rule for Gus Gilchrist will expire the last day of Fall 2008 exams. Subsequent to that time, Gus would have been able to compete for Maryland in all remaining regular-season games, the ACC Tournament and NCAA Tournament.

“Gus has asked for a release to explore other options which may allow him to play more games at another university outside the ACC, pending an NCAA waiver,” said Head Coach Gary Williams.

“I would like to thank Coach Williams and the basketball staff at Maryland for all of their support and attempts in appealing this process,” said Gilchrist. “I wish them the best in the future.”

The release allows Gilchrist the opportunity to transfer to another NCAA school.



Anonymous said...

things are unravelling at the seams...

Anonymous said...

I guess one can only hope that he find no better luck outside the ACC. maybe if forced to choose between the Md. bench or jr. college he'll take our bench and eventually fill the slot we desperately need filled.