Tuesday, June 10, 2008

O's Visit Fenway for Three

I have this sports dork fantasy where busloads of Orioles fans make their way to Fenway Park and take over the place (or at least 1/5th of one section) and Boston fans are meant to feel as we do when their legions invade Oriole Park.

Ah yes, picture Luke Scott at the plate, praise the Lord, launching a home run past the Pesky Pole and the stadium (or at least a few hundred loud people wearing orange), erupting in cheer. That would show em!

Perhaps not.

Regardless, the calendar says June 10 and the plucky '08 edition of the Birds are 31 and 31, an even .500. If they can just hang on for 100 more games, we'll get that 10 straight losing seasons gorilla off our back.

Here are the keys to getting it done:
Daniel Cabrera needs to throw strikes. Duh. It looked at one point like he had things figured out, then I watched him throw a pitch 4 feet inside on a 3-1 count. Had the pitch not hit the batter, it would have hit the bat boy. Come on Daniel.

The Orioles needs to score some runs for Guthrie. Jeremy Guthrie gives a quality start almost every time he pitches and the Orioles respond with a run or two. He is legit, for some reason the bats go to sleep when he pitches. He's 10th in the league in ERA but is 3-6. Come on bats.

A few players need to get very hot at the bat. Markakis just went through a hot stretch where he improved his averaged from the .240s to the .280s. Until that time, it seemed the whole lineup was batting .250. It'd be nice if the Orioles had at least 2 more scary hitters.

Wait. We interrupt this post that 15-30 people will read (thanks) to report that Chipper Jones is batting .420. Back to the action.

That's about all I've got; except of this ... just read the O's - Sox preview in the Sun and Boston is (wait for it) 26-6 at home this year. Wow.

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