Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Ultimate Dagger

My friend Gabe called it "the ultimate dagger." He called a few minutes after the end of the game, needing someone to talk to. I didn't pick up. Didn't answer the call from a few other friends either, just didn't feel like discussing it.

What was there to say?

That Maryland played with heart and courage.
That Greivis did exactly what a star is supposed to do. He put Maryland on his back, led an amazing comeback, and hit big shot after big shot.
It should have been enough.
It wasn't.

Michigan State made the last shot. Maryland lost an epic game, one in which the Terps came back from the dead to take the lead. And it wasn't like MSU choked (well maybe a little). The Terps came ROARING back into that game, refusing to go down without a melee.

It made me proud to be a Terps fan. Even though we didn't win, we left everything on the court. Gary's team fought like only a Gary team can, with every muscle in their bodies, to come back against an equally well coached Michigan State team.

There isn't, in my opinion, a whole lot to say. Maryland played great. They got beat. We'll get em next year.

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