Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Remember Cole Field House?

As Maryland gets ready to play the Final Home game at Comcast for the season, I thought it might be the right time for a trip down memory lane for a look at Cole Field House. The last game at Cole was played on March 3, 2002 against UVa. Starting lineup for the Terps that day (you really don't need me to tell you this do you?)

Juan Dixon
Steve Blake
Byron Mouton
Chris Wilcox
Lonny Baxter

I made a video that day and cut it up into four parts, so here they are. Forgive the shaky camera .. but if you skim through it you get a great flavor for the sights and the sounds of an amazing facility.

Part One - arriving at Cole
Part Two - pre-game
Part Three - game
Part Four - celebration and post-game


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bl said...

Great stuff Greg. Loved Cole, but learning to love Comcast. Choice Cole experience that did not make your video: pissing while facing someone else - only place I have ever been where rest room had that setup.