Friday, February 19, 2010

Quick Reality Check

It's Feb. 19th and Maryland has five ACC games left:

Home vs. Ga. Tech, Clemson and Duke
At VT, at UVa.

Let's take them one at a time:
Ga. Tech - should win that one. GT is just OK, a .500 ACC team and has been sliding lately.

Clemson - see Ga. Tech.

at VTech - Hokes are 21-4 and tough at home. We are probably going to lose.

Duke - we ought to beat Duke at home. That would be the only marquee win we'd have. We have no other good wins. The only team Maryland has beat that will probably be in the NCAAs is Florida State. The rest of their wins are against the bottom half of the league (NC State twice, UVa, Miami, UNC, and Boston College).

at UVa - should win that one.

Best case - 12-4
Worst case - 10-6
Mostly likely 11-5 - best ACC record since Drew Nicholas and Steve Blake were seniors, that's 7 years ago.

Are they legit?
Not really. But you know what? They are legitimately pretty good, if that makes sense. Much better than last year, even though this year's ACC is very weak. Worst overall ACC I can remember in a very long time.

Greivis has been sublime at times. About 70 percent of the time. Which is great.

Best quality about this team is that when they get up on a team, they pummel them and put them away, very few Md. teams have ever really done that.

Terps already have 8 ACC wins and And last year, god love Dave Neal and all, but when Dave Neal is the starting center on your team and you play in a good ACC, I'm sorry, but you suck.
Go Terps.

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