Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Terps are Playing Great Ball Right Now, but I Still Have Some Questions

Some Questions following Maryland 81 Miami 59 (and it wasn't that close)

Is Maryland really legit?
Can they keep this going?
Have they beaten anyone yet who is really good?
Is this the best stretch of Terps basketball since the 2006-2007 team won its last 7 in a row in the ACC?
Does the ACC stink this year?
Will Gary Williams ever get a technical for standing on the court during the game?
Anyone know what this says?
Is there a better finisher around the rack than Adrian Bowie?
Is Greivis finally more productive than annoying?
Is Sean Mosley not a bad man?
Is Jordan Williams the next Ben Coleman?
Will Maryland win at Clemson on Sunday?
Does anyone like Sunday night basketball?
Is Greivis an NBA player?
Should Maryland be ranked, even if they lose at Clemson on Sunday?
Has anyone seen my navy blue 1997 Cadillac NFL Golf Classic fleece?
If Maryland wins at Clemson on Sunday, how high should they be ranked?
Does it bother Gary that no one makes eye contact with him when he turns around and yells at the bench?
Isn't it wonderful to see the Terps get leads, build leads, and put teams away?
Who are these guys?


Anonymous said...

Great questions. I love it!

Anonymous said...

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