Friday, August 29, 2008

Here's Something New: Orioles Look Miserable

I might be one of only about a half dozen people paying regular attention to the Orioles right now. I was half watching tonight's game at Tampa Bay. By the bottom of the 4th, it was 10-0 Rays, Jeremy Guthrie had been pulled, Melvin Mora pulled a hamstring, and Ramone Hernandez got throw out of the game. Earlier in the day, it was reported that Daniel Cabrera, who stinks, has a sore back. Guthrie was the Orioles only good starting pitcher and even he's been bad the last two outings. Their rotation is now so makeshift that it doesn't actually exist. Trembley doesn't have a rotation. Truly. He said he'll take every series on a "series by series" basis from now through the end of the season. Right now the Orioles rotation is Guthrie, Brian Burres, Chris Waters, and whoever is hot at Hagerstown, if not Wellwood.

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