Friday, March 07, 2008

Dukie from the Wire to Appear on GA Show (and UVa Preview)

Hola Terps Nation,

It's Friday afternoon, big weekend ahead. Let me hit you with some breaking news. My special guest on the GA show on ESPN Radio 1300 this weekend will be none other than Jermaine Crawford, the young actor who plays "Dukie" on HBO's acclaimed "The Wire." The Wire season and series finale airs Sunday night at 9. I've been hustling all week to try to get a guest from the show and finally received final word today that Jermaine (Dukie) is a go. Those of you who don't watch the show, you likely don't care. For those of you who do, Ain't this cool??? I am psyched. Feel free to use the comments section below to post any questions you'd like me to ask.

Those of you outside the area can listen live by visiting the website, He will likely come on in the 5 p.m. hour. For the uninitiated, Jermaine plays a smart, sensitive teenager who is stuck on the streets with absolutely zero family support. In a series full of heartbreaking characters and performances, his might top the list. I plan to ask him what it's been like to work with David Simon on such a groundbreaking show, how he got into the business, and what impact the show has made on his life. His casting agency told me that his experiences shooting the Wire in run-down sections of Baltimore and seeing so many actual homeless has had a profound effect on him. So much so that he is currently working on a documentary about the topic, which we'll get into on the show. Very psyched about this.

Maryland at UVA
Do you have the stomach for another Maryland game? Does anyone?

Here's how I plan to "watch" Maryland at UVa Sunday night. I will "DVR it" (dropped Tivo last year in favor of Comcast DVR, so I can't say I will "Tivo it," which kinda depresses me... but anyway) and then after I know it's over, I will fast-forward to the end to see if Maryland won or lost. If they won, I will watch the game from the beginning. If they lost, I might fast-forward through it, I might not even watch. Now, I reserve the right to scrap this plan and actually watch the game in real time, but does anyone have the stomach for this team any longer? I have been less tense during car accidents. It's so painful. Note the poll to the right. Of the 35 or so people who replied, almost all of them chose "like this team but find the whole experience painful."

And that's just what it is, isn't it? This is pain, caring about this team. They have had 3 basic phases to their season:
They Stunk.
They were great.
They stink.

Stink might be a strong way to put how they are playing right now. They are playing well enough to take a 20-point lead on Clemson, but not good enough to finish the deal. It's like a decent baseball team with Jorge Julio as the only guy in the bullpen; a disaster waiting to happen.

I don't know what will happen on Sunday night. A 20-point win? Sure. A 20-point loss? Could happen. A nail biter to the end? Most likely. It's senior night at UVa for Sean Singletary, which is supposed to be a big deal, and will be for fans and his family, but doesn't mean anything in terms of the game. Did the fact that it was senior night help Maryland last Sunday night vs. Clemson? Me thinks not.

So here we go again, back on the bubble, needing a nice string of at least 2-3 wins to get in the tournament, and even that might not be enough. What a roller-coaster ride this season has been. It's enough to make me want to hurl.


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Anonymous said...

What day is your interview with Jermaine Crawford? Can you post a recording too?

A lot of viewers were upset to see his character Dukie shooting heroin in the finale. Mothers threatened to beat David Simon with their shoes if he turned Dukie into an addict. He got the worst ending.

Can you ask Jermaine about why Dukie started using drugs? What compelled his character to finally give up? Also ask him about that great scene with Tristan Wilds (Michael) in Episode 9. Thanks!