Thursday, March 13, 2008

Randy, Paula and Simon Evaluate Maryland

Terps have a game tonight against BC in the ACC tournament. Tip should be around 9:30. Try to stay awake.

I have been thinking about how Randy, Paula and Simon might quickly evaluate Maryland's performance to date:

Randy -- What's up fellazz?? What up, what up, whaddup? How you feelin? A-ight, a-ight. What's goin on, what's goin down? WHAT IS GOIN ON DOWN??

"I don't know man. It's really weird man. It started a little rough for me, you know? Like I'm looking at you thinking you're gonna work this thing out and then it just doesn't happen, you know? You kinda found it in the middle there, but down the stretch dawg, you just lost it. It didn't really work for me man. I don't know man, I don't know ... it just didn't work for me man. I don't know."

Paula - "Greivis, I just love your spirit. You are like a bright shiny object that I want to hang from my rearview mirror. And you look wonderful tonight. And Eric, you are sooo cute. I just want to SQUEEZE you and hug you. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! And James, what can I say? You glisten, you absolutely glisten.

Gary, I can see your passion and I think it's so passionate. So, I think you all really have it in your to be stars, big, huge stars, but you gotta just keep on working, keep on dreaming those big dreams.

You know I love you and, well, just be who you are and be true to yourself and you will get there. I just know you will get there. So, keep, you know, working and you are gonna get there, you just are gonna... get ... there"

Simon - "Absolutely dreadful."

"Sorreeeee. I am sorreee. When I first met this team I didn't think you belonged in the tournament and now you've proven me correct. You had a nice few moments in the middle, but overall it's been a horror show, an absolute horror show."

"It was all very YMCA for me."

Ryan, with his arm around Gary: "Well coach, what can you take away from all that?

Gary: "You can go f*cking f*ck yourself Simon. In other words, why don't you go f*ck yourself."


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You got the judges' personalities spot on.