Saturday, January 19, 2008

MD 82 UNC 80

I am not quite certain how it is athletically possible to lose at home to American and go on the road and win at #1 North Carolina, but ladies and gentlemen, getta load of YOUR Maryland Terrapins.

Terps 82 UNC 80 baby!!! in a game where Maryland just played absolutely great.

Up and down the lineup everyone contributed and played well, from Vasquez at the point making good decisions, to Gist going off and winning that battle (or at least playing to a draw) with Hansbrough, to clutch 3s from Hayes, and steady contributions from Osby, Milbourne, and Tucker.

Wow, wow, wow.

That felt really good.

Much more on this later. Just wanted to get a quick post up for now in case anyone is taking a look just after the game.


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Anonymous said...

I actually witnessed Gary smiling a bit at the post game interview with Steve Lavin. Haven't seen Coach smile since he won it all in 2002.