Thursday, January 31, 2008

Terps Win, Almost Without Drama

Md 85, Cavs 75

Solid, workmanlike win for the Turtles this evening against UVa. The Cavs have one great player, Sean Singletary, and a bunch of guys you've never heard of, and the Terps did what they had to do. Jumped out to a big lead early, held it the whole game, gave us a little scare down the stretch, but never let UVa get closer than five.

All in all, a good bounceback win after the Duke loss, and hopefully the start of a tidy winning streak. The starters scored all but 4 of the 85 points (Diamond Dave Neal had a couple buckets); and Good Greivis played most the game, leading the Turtles with 25. Hayes was also great with 15 and 9 assists; but the TV guys gave player of the game to Boom Osby, who all of a sudden is the darling of the program. His big 'fro, his ready smile, his throwback style has em all captivated, so Osby gets kudos even though he only made two field goals (he went 7 of 8 from the line), grabbed six boards and had three blocks.

Whatever, doesn't matter. A win's a win, blah, blah, blah.

On to more important nonsense:
After the Duke game, I wrote how I was all outraged that the student radio guys lost their phone line for their broadcast to "some national college radio online start-up," called ISP sports. Turns out -- as savvy sports marketer and avid Turtle nation reader B. Edmonds in Charlottesville, Va. pointed out -- that ISP sports is the nation's largest collegiate sports marketing company. They are in business to buy the rights to sell university sports marketing assets, like radio and TV broadcasts, arena signage, sponsorship, and the like (they don't represent Maryland or UVa, Turtles and Cavs have a deal with Viacom I think). And their broadcast wasn't an online broadcast, they have a network of 70 affiliates.

So, um, they are not exactly a dinky start-up. Fine. But if you follow college hoops and cared about the Duke at Maryland game, my guess is that you were either:
A) at the game
B) watching on TV
C) listening to the play-by-play of johnny holliday and chris knoche on the terrapin sports radio network
D) listening to the Duke radio guys if you live in their area
E) Listening to the Md. or Duke broadcast on XM radio;
F) Listening to the game on an ISP sports affiliate.

I guess you choose option F if you are a truck driver or otherwise stuck in your car on a road trip and stumble upon the game while trying not to fall asleep. That's their audience. Or maybe you're just a Wimp Sanderson fan, b/c he is their color analyst and loves plaid. It could be that you just love the play by play of "veteran broadcast Bill Rosinski," I am not sure.

In any case, I don't really care what ISP does or have a grudge against them, I was pissed at UMD for not taking care of their student broadcasters.

Gonna let it go now.

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