Sunday, December 06, 2009

Villanova 95, Maryland 86

Is anyone surprised?

Maryland put up a good fight and certainly showed that they can hang with a top 5 team, but in losing 95-86 to Villanova, the Terps once again fell short against a quality program.

So that's oh for 3 this year, 1 for 4 if you count Indiana, a team that isn't very good.

I dutifully watched the game, but did not expect Maryland to win and hence wasn't that upset when they didn't. There were definitely some positive signs. First, Maryland came back from a 16 or 18 point second half deficit and cut it back to 3. Second, Jordan Williams seems to be gaining more and more confidence and appears to be the real deal in terms of a frontcourt player. Third, Sean Mosley is really stepping up as a leader on the team and looks to be in amazing condition. He is starting to emerge as a star and that's just what Maryland needs because....

Grevis is a mess right now. Not sure if it's in his head or he's just streaky or what, but he has been downright bad so far this season. He's shooting 32 percent from the field and 28 percent from 3. Maryland needs GV to play like he can play - at a very high level - or they are just not good enough to beat the Villanovas of the world. Eric Hayes, Landon Milbourne and the rest are all nice, complimentary players. Greivis, when he's on, is something special. A triple-double threat kind of a player who can take games over and carry his team to big wins. But when he's bad, he leads you in the opposite direction, shortening possessions with bad shots and turning the ball over and generally not helping the team win.

Basically my feeling is that as Grevis goes, so go the Terps.

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