Monday, August 03, 2009

New Ad for the Orioles - Bring in the Road Fans

The Orioles right now are reminding me a little bit of the Bullets of the 80s. Back in the day, les Boulez used to advertise the team based on enticing out of towners to come see their team play (most likely beat) the Bullets at the old Cap Center. "See Michael Jordan. See Patrick Ewing. See Charles Barkley." You get the idea. Somehow the idea of coming to see Jeff Malone nail 19 footers off a screen wasn't quite as enticing, much as I did love Jeff Malone and his ability to nail 19 footers.

Anyway, back to the Bird, who are really for the birds right now. Boston just left town after beating the Orioles 3 straight, while entertaining their own fans in our seats. There's something completely humiliating and infuriating about having your team used as live fodder for the enjoyment of the other team's fans, at your place.

I know that help is supposedly on the way in the form of the young arms and young talent. But for now, Oriole Park is a sanctuary for the contending visiting clubs, where a struggling team (like the Sox were...) can come to Baltimore and get themselves right at our expense, figuratively speaking.

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