Tuesday, March 03, 2009

There Will be Blogging

We are live from Comcast Center tonight Terps Nation. As noted earlier, I was the fill-in host for the pre-pre-game show and will later host the post post game show. Always fun to swoop into the press center on occassion, some early observations:
Subway is tonight's game sponsor, hence the 6" turkey sub I enjoyed as part of a box dinner, complemented by a side of Utz and a large, crunchy chocolate chip cookie.

Very nice moment before the game honoring Mayrland senior Dave Neal where his whole family came on the court and he received a framed jersey. You can tell this guys' teammates love hm.

We've got a "Dave Neall, clap clap, Dave Neal clap clap chant going people.

Dave Neal signs seen:
"Dirty Dave"
"I crave Dave"
35 on the court, #1 in my heart
We love you Dave

In case you were wondering, I plan to file a series of stram of consciousness obvservations as this game goes on.

So I hosted the pre-game show and was going to bring on my friend Jeremy, who runs the very popular Turtle Soup website, where you can find Maryland fans (forgive me) twittering on about everything in that night's game in real time. Jeremy lives in Chicago. He was very excited about the potential guest slot. But when I got to the arena, I was told by my producer that since Subway is tonight's game sponsor and Jared is here at the Comcast Center, I would be doing a segment or two (of the five, 3 -minute segments I get) with Jared. Oh... Kay. So I call Jeremy and tell him the news, which he found more entertaining than actually going on the air... and then Jared bailed! Decided he was too tired from his meet and greet with Maryland VIPs to go on. Let's add "stood up by Jared" to my on-air resume.

Where are we? OK, let me set the scene for you. there's about 3 minutes left in pre-game and the teams are just shooting around. Gary is about to walk out on the court, the cheerleaders are lined up in the runway and here he comes:

Gary gives the big fist pump AND THE CROWD GOES WILD

This is going to be fun.

We have now reached lineup introductions and I would say the place is 85-90 percent full. Exactly how late do you need to start a college basketball game to get this crowd to show up on time?

The guy next to me is drinking Pepsi out of a can a little too close to my new Macbook for comfort.

Dave Neal just got introduced. I'm kinda bummed I can't cheer right now. I guess I could.

Wake's size is going to be a problem.

Terps wearing gold unis again tonight; haven't played poorly in them yet.

Chippy foul called on Dave Neal 2 minutes into the game, his second. Hello Dino.

We have reached a point where it's "greivis, do whatever you need to do." 10-9 Wake, 16:13 to play in the first half.

Braxton Dupree has now been on the floor for more than five minutes, does Gary owe him money?

Note to Wake: we are not about to be destroyed by Chas McFarland, OK? Not going to happen.

I don't know if Greivis has yet reached the unconcsoiuc Juan Dixon in 2002 status, but he is definitely in "Walt Williams in 1992" territory.

When has Wake basketball not been counterfeit?

Jared from Subway is now doing a Subway promo on the court. Five dollar footlongs. Go away Jared.

Dave Neal is back at 2:02, that was a 15 minute rest. Md keeps turning the ball over , it's 27-22, was 27-16, not a high scoring affair people.

Wake trapping zone giving Md problems but they finally break the drought, 29-24 on a mosley layup from GV.

I keep fighting the impulse to clap.

Huge 3 and even bigger smile from Dave Neal at the half. Have I mentioned I love that guy?

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