Monday, December 08, 2008

Signs of Life

Terps showing nice signs of life last two games.
While the rest of the world was focused on Ravens-Skins, Maryland whipped GW Sunday night in a game that was never close, 76-53.
You know, I've been thinking a lot about how Maryland has zero good big guys down low, but they do have big guards, which has to help. Greivis is 6-6 and Eric Hayes is 6-4, and lately GV has been rebounding the ball - he went into double figures in boards the last two games.

After the two horrendous losses to Gonzaga and Georgetown, the Terps have bounced back nicely. The win over Michigan looks ever better now that the Wolverines beat Duke over the weekend; and after lots of tinkering, it seems Gary is starting the find a rotation he trusts.
Cliff Tucker, out. Adrian Bowie in.
Braxton Dupree out, Dino Gregory in.
Dave Neal - real minutes, every game = good news.

The last two games, the starting five has been Vasquez, Hayes, Neal, Bowie, and Milbourne; with Gregory off the bench first in the frontcourt and Mosley looking like the first guard/wing off the bench.

Not exactly sure how/why Tucker has fallen so far out of favor so fast - he started the season starting, but me likes some Adrian Bowie. Dude is the best finisher around the basket Maryland has had since Drew Nicholas and find ways to score time after time.

I still think this is not a great team, but they aren't bad either. Onward and upward.

Next up -- we now enter the "we better win this game" portion of the schedule, with six consecutive home games against Delaware State, American, Bryant, Elon, Charlotte, and Morgan State before the ACC schedule starts. Win them all and Maryland will be 12-2 and looking a lot like the counterfeit Clemson teams of the past 15 years who always start 12-2 and then go 6-10 in the ACC.

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