Monday, May 05, 2008

Terps New Signee Reeks of Program Desperation

This article forwarded to me from Terp nation reader Gregg "sweet music" Viola makes me sad. It's about Maryland's recruitment of a 23-year-old swingman named Tyree Evans who will likely play for Maryland next year. I am all for second chances, but can't Gary just get some talented freshman who develop with the program? Does anyone else dislike the reliance on juco players? I'm not saying they are all bad, lord knows I enjoyed the Ryan Randle era, but COME ON. Have some pride on your program, quit looking for the easy way out.

Here's the article from

Here are a few choice passages:
Evans told that Maryland's basketball staff was aware of his time behind bars -- "They know all about my past, and as long as it wasn't a felony, it was OK," he said. (GA -- Um, OK...)

The nature of Maryland's recruiting since winning a title in 2002 hints at an identity crisis, in that Williams is a national-championship coach, but has not brought in the same caliber of talent as other champs from this decade. Of those other title teams -- Syracuse, UConn, North Carolina, Florida and Kansas -- none have suited up multiple juco transfers, much less a recruit with a past that compares to Evans', since winning their respective championships. (The Jayhawks, for the record, signed two juco players for 2008-09, Mario Little and Tyrone Appleton, but neither have criminal histories.) (GA -- that's nice)

Even within the ACC, using junior-college players is relatively rare: According to the Washington Times, the Terrapins and Florida State have each signed six juco recruits since 2002, while the rest of the conference has signed six combined. (GA -- us and Florida State in basketball, great company; next we'll copy Duke's football strategy)

I certainly have not lost interest in Maryland basketball but I am increasingly losing passion. You know, the kind of passion that makes you make sure you watch every game, follow the team, read the articles, etc., etc.

Gary Williams is the leader and caretaker of Maryland basketball. He is the all-time winningest coach in school history. He has a national championship and two final fours to his credit. But the post championship era has not been a proud one in Maryland's hoops history and this signing of Tyree Evans reeks of desperation. P-U.

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