Thursday, April 03, 2008

Shifting our attention for a few months...

We now shift the Terrapin Nation's attention to the Oreos, and with it comes a color change to this blog's background. I know, I know, radical. Don't worry, when it comes time to pondering the merit of a three-guard lineup or Jermoe Burney vs. Dave Neal in the Maryland frontcourt, I'll shift back to red and black. But anyway... random things I've been thinking about:

UCLA, Memphis, UNC, or Kansas?
WHO CARES? Truly disinterested in this final four; thought if it's Memphis over Kansas in the final game, your truly takes home a nice pot from one of the pools I'm in.

Why do college basketball coaches insist on dressing like bankers? What point is it to wear $2,000 suits and scream at kids playing basketball? Isn't the whole thing more than a little preposterous?

I think NFL coaches have it about right when it comes to proper attire. They wear regular pants and a team pullover of some sort with a team hat. Baseball coaches wear the uniform, which is a lot like making a 50-year-old former stripper who has let herself go wear a g-string. I think hockey coaches wear suits right? Seems reasonable to wear layers around the ice, I'm sure it's cold. I don't know where this is going either.

The Maryland women got straight-up crushed by Stanford. Anyone else watch that game? I think the lady turtles got zero stops on defense.

How about dem O's? Big win over the Rays Wed. night in front of the smallest crowd in oreo park history. About 10K fans showed up on a cold night, against Tampa Bay, to see a home team that hasn't had a winning season in a decade and features Jeremy Guthrie as its No. 1 starter (7 career wins), Kevin Millar as its clean-up hitter (17 HRs last year, hasn't hit more than 20 since 2003), and the closer is a guy named George Sherril who wears his hat in the style of a circus clown. With the Orioles up by 3 in the 9th, Sherril walked the lead-off man and another hitter to bring the tie run to the plate. He got a fly out to end the game and when the camera panned over to him for his reaction, I kid you not, he screamed "F*ck!" Should be a fun season.

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